AC Flight 695 YYT-YYZ

Summer is here again. A bit late, some may think. But Summer in Newfoundland is a bit of  a late sleeper.  Keeps you waiting in the lobby long past the call and drives many to huff and puff with impatience.  But when it finally arrives it is glorious.  Nothing like a sunny day for those who really appreciate the sight of it.  Summer for many means all the school rules of Fall, Winter and Spring, are quickly forgotten and the come what may of a hot summer day is the only thing on the calendar.  For me Summer means finally getting to play out doors.  We Canadian Musicians spend most of our time inside save for a few weeks in late June till mid September and for the most part we cherish the thought of it.

I had a blast playing in Fredericton a week or so ago.  A bit ashamed to say I almost forgot how beautiful it is in that town, especially down by the river.  Had some epic nights there with GBS over the years, including one hockey rink show at the Aiken Center when the power went out.  Not be deterred, me and about 4500 others sang Excursion Around the Bay completely accapella as the PA was rebooting.

Getting to play the best small outdoor venue in Canada this week at Jackson Triggs Winery.  This will be my third time playing there and could not be more chuffed to say it was the first concert of my summer calendar to sell out.  Thanks folks.  Also playing outside in Cornwall on Saturday night.  Had an awesome time there with GBS late 2014 and remember singing the National Anthem at a Swim Meet.  T’was fun.  All the info on the Cornwall gig here —

Two inside gigs as well this week.  First off in the beautiful Algonquin Theatre in Huntsville Ontario. Played there a while back and had grand pints in the pub to follow.  I think there’s still a few dozen tix left for that show so spread the word and come on down yourself.  All the info here –

Making my first ever trip to Meaford, Ontario on Thursday.  Any frequent readers of this blog know how excited I am about hitting a new place.  I understand the gig is all but Sold Out, but we may release a tic or two on the day.  Love to see you.  All the info is here –

For those seeing me and my band for the first time, you can expect to hear some of the tunes from my Boy on Bridge CD, a bunch of tunes from the GBS catalogue, some tunes I wrote for films like Robin Hood or TV like Republic of Doyle.  And some fun covers for the dancers as well.

So Grateful to have an amazing band of musos.  Ladies first, Kendel Carson will play fiddle and guitar and whatever she wants.  Cory Tetford will play guitar and kiss our faces. Shehab Illyas will play bass and take amazing photos of us when we are not looking.  Kris MacFarlane will play drums and that and do his best to try and keep me form speeding up.  Very happy to have Newfoundland Piano and Hammond Legend Paul Kinsman joining us this week as well.  Welcome aboard Paul.  The hazing will be minimal.

Currently in Fort Erie about to go record some more with the incredible Tawgs Salter.  I am a Lucky Bastard.

Happy Summer Everyone.



Pre-Order ‘Where I Belong’

Hey all,

Thanks so much for all the interest in my book Where I Belong. It’s a rowdy journey through the cod tongues, altars, girls and guitars of my young life in Petty Harbour. I’m gonna be signing a few and if you’d like one, you can pre order one right here. I had a blast writing it and really hope you all enjoy reading it, too.

Where I Belong


St. John’s Airport

Its early. Like, Fisherman Early. About three and a half hours ago, I watched the Habs force a Game 7 against the Bruins in the NHL Playoffs. With thoughts of Playoff glory and defeat battling for my dream time, I could not get much sleep. So I’m a bit bleary eyed at Gate 3 here at YYT as the Sun surely rises over the runway bringing what should be a lovely morning to the town I love so well.

Have only been home for about 30 hours as I was in Halifax for the previous weekend rehearsing with the AD Band as we get ready to take on a few Summer festivals and theatres. We jammed a few new AD songs and some old GBS songs. So cool to hear both of them imagined and reimagined at the able hands of Kendel, Cory, Todd, Shehab and Kris. We jammed Friday played a fun gig on Saturday night and I still found some late night time to wander in and out of some old haunts in Halifax. The Lower Deck remains a favourite visit of mine. Paul and the Wreckhouse boys had the place on wheels when I got there Friday night. Likewise Party Boots had the Seahorse going mad on Saturday. Hard to beat a weekend in Halifax.

The weekend was rounded out by a lovely afternoon writing with David Myles, a most excellent New Brunswick fella who could very well like writing and singing songs as much as me.

Just previous to that excursion, I had a one of the most satisfying musical experience sin my life as I got to sing and the amazing Gower Street United Church with an over 200 member choir. Debuted a new song, ‘A Little Light’ I wrote for the Dr. Jack Hand Legacy Foundataion. Dr. Jack was an amazing man who gave most of his young life to helping other people before losing a battle with Cancer. The Foundation continues his work and helps out families in the same fight. All the info on the cause is here. Check it out and support the cause if you can. Thanks.

All that has led me here to Gate 3 where I am taking on a day I could not have seen coming. I am sitting in my suit jacket awaiting a flight to Ottawa to give a presentation to a Parliamentary Committee at the nations highest offices. I am the Artist Representative on a granting agency for musicians called the Radio Starmaker Fund. The board is giving a report of affairs and have asked me to come and help explain how the fund helps Canadian Artists. I ironed my shirt and everything. Seriously.

Following the presentation I am getting a tour of the Canadian Parliamentary Buildings. I’ve really only seen them from the outside so I’m very grateful to Senator George Furey for showing me around the place. I might even get to Question Period. How very Canadian. Looking forward to it all.

Nipping down to Toronto tomorrow to write and record another tune for the next solo CD which is surely taking shape. I’d say I’ll spend tomorrow night in front of the TV hoping the Habs can seal the deal against the Bruins.

Fingers Crossed. Hoping I get to spend some of my Bday weekend watching the Habs in the next round. May 17th 1969 is my Bday. The math is ugly anyway you do it. This weekend I turn Half 90. Jaysus.

Lots of Summer dates up at Love to see you out at the gigs. Some are Sold Out already. Thanks so much.

The Airport is truly awake now and the sun creeps up over the coffee pots at the Jumping Bean station. It is no longer late last night. It is clearly early this morning.

Off we go.



Currently in Toronto airport. I wonder how many times I’ve been here in this exact spot in the Air Canada Lounge. I think this is my 26th time this year. Jaysus.

What a laugh we just had in Pittsburgh. Met up with Scott Grimes, Mike Buie, Allan Hawco and a few others to help Mr Russell Crowe celebrate his 50th. We had a few drinks and songs and laughs and our evening was buoyed by the arrival of a few of the Pittsburgh Penguins Gents, including Captain Sid. Friggin’ Cool. Happy Birthday Russell. Congrats on compiling a body of work beyond comparison for a man in his really really late 40’s. Incredible to think about it all, really. Thanks for having me along for some of it. I am grateful and lucky. Many more pints and songs to come, I hope.

Some exciting touring dates announced over on the tour page.

To name a few highlights. If someone told me I’d one day get to headline the George Street Festival I’d have told them they were cracked. Can’t wait for that one. The Tonder Festival could very well be the best Folk Music Festival in the world. I enjoyed every trip there with GBS and look forward to taking Cory and Kendel et all there for the first time in August. Yeha. There are other cool shows announced for Parry Sound, Truro, Fredericton, Canso, Niagara, Tyne Valley PEI….more to come.

For those wondering what to expect at an Alan Doyle Band show, I usually play a mix of tunes from my Boy on Bridge CD, The Great Big Sea catalogue along a few songs I’ve written for other projects and a fun cover or two. Theres usually the same banter and audience participation and foolishness you’ve come to expect from a silly bastard like myself, too.

I am super pumped about the live shows coming up. I am so grateful to you who’ve got tix already. Spread the word and we’ll see you there.

Keep you posted on the Where I Belong book and the new Alan Doyle CD soon.

Gotta dash for the gate and get back home to Grade 2.


American Airlines 1361 BNN-LAX

I’ve typed many of theses blogs over the years from the seat of an airplane, but his marks the first time I will be uploading one from 35,000 feet in the air. Currently on American Airlines flying from Nashville to Los Angeles and for a fee of 15 bucks or so you can get on line. The novelty of it is pretty cool, I must say. I have long worried that losing my airplane time off the grid would be a negative experience but today, from seat 20C, in front of a screen playing a film I have already seen and holding a Kobo that I forgot to recharge, I am grateful for the whole deal.

Time for a quick update.

Great Big Sea is enjoying the start of a hiatus as we recharge after the most awesome XX Tour.

I’ve been busy doing some fun and rewarding charity and fundraising work. About ten days ago, myself and Chef Todd Perrin along with my Mom and Dad, headed to Fogo island Newfoundland to do a fundraising and awareness event for the Shorefast Foundation. Zita Cobb and this foundation have taken to revitalizing Fogo Island. The heart of the effort is the Fogo Island Inn, perhaps the greatest feat of architecture in Newfoundland’s history. It is an amazing place to see and stay.

I spent most of Saturday plying my normal trade, singing a few songs and entertaining the crowd from the stage. The day before was the real trip for me as I switched places with Chef Todd and I was on the line in the kitchen with the Inn’s Chef Murray and his team. I can cook a few things, but I am no Chef. I spent the whole day in the kitchen with the real Chef’s and sous Chef’s. A crash course in Professional food and Beverage preparation. Did you know that you can make your own mayonnaise? Holy Shite. Blew my mind.

For early appetizers, I made Smoked Cod Pate, and smoked Brie sandwiches, both using Mom’s Bread. For the main meal I was responsible for the Amuse Bouche (sp?), which was a twist on cod chowder where we used a fresh fried cod tongue. It was awesome.

For the main meal, I was one of the helpers on the line. I helped all the Chef’s keep their stations on time. The pressure is on when a table of 8 and a table of 6 order at exactly the same time.

For late night, I cooked midnight chicken wings and chili. I fell into bed around 2am, as tired as I’ve ever been in my life. Hats off to Chef’s and Cooks and Kitchen Staff everywhere. Hard work indeed.

On Saturday there was Ice skating and ice fishing, snowmobiling, and all kinds of winter fun stuff. I sang a few tunes and had Mom and Dad as well as my old friend and uber composer Keith Power to join in the fun. That night I sat and enjoyed Chef Todd’s cooking. With my new found respect for the skill and effort required to prepare a fine dining meal, I enjoyed every bite a wee bit more than normal.

After a snowed in bonus Super Bowl Sunday, we made our way bid Farewell to Fogo Island. I look forward to my next chance to dance there.

This past weekend, I got up early Saturday to help open The Loop, a skating facility in Bannerman Park. This outdoor track wanders through the historic park and is easily the coolest winter recreational place I’ve seen in a long time. Well done Bannerman Park folks, and special thanks to the St Paul’s Choir for letting me sing with them. They are awesome.

Saturday night was all about a fundraiser for another recreational facility. This one for Vanier Elementary School, where myself and VOCM Radio’s Open Line host Paddy Daly held court over an evening of auctions and songs to raise money for what will be a great adddtion to the school and community. Thanks Paddy for the fun chats from the stage, thanks to Greg Gill who’s awesome high notes saved me in the 80’s Hair Metal request portion of the evening (yes, it was as fun as you think) and most special thanks to Paddy and my better halfs Lie and Jo who amongst a cast of dedicated people put the whole thing together. Fun times for a good cause.

I jumped on a plane early Sunday and flew to Nashville trough Toronto. I’ve had some great chats with folks and had a blast writing with Jimmy Rankin, Gordie Sampson, and Meghan Kabrir. I am a Lucky Bastard to get the chance to work with the likes of them all.

Currently jetting to Los Angeles to more work with more talented folks, ever pressing to get my new Solo CD out in the fall, ideally around the same time the book drops in October.

Really looking forward to seeing Winters Tale, the film featuring a pile of famous people and me. Trailers look amazing. Please check it out when it comes to a cinema near you.

Alright. Keep you posted here and on Twitter as developments occur.

I must surf the web from Seat 20. Because I can,