Live album and virtual event!

March 3rd, 2022

Hey folks,

Join me and The Beautiful Beautiful Band for what we hope is the LAST VIRTUAL CONCERT we do in a very very long time. One last celebration of letting us into your homes, worldwide, instead of coming out to dance with us in person. Can’t join us for the livestream March 12? Ticket holders be able to view it on-demand until March 15 at 11:59 EDT. Check out the Rewards options to find out how sharing the news can get you a free ticket:

Virtual Event Tickets

My new Live Album is coming out March 11, digital only release for this one! You can buy a digital copy on release day or pre-save the album HERE.

I replaced one of the guitarists in my Uncle Ronnie’s Band in 1985 for a matinee gig at the Squid Jigger Lounge in Calvert, Newfoundland and I fell in love with playing for a live audience. Since then, I have been lucky enough to record in the best studios in the world, sing and play on soundtracks for film and television, and produce a few dozen albums, but none of these incredible experiences has ever replaced playing live as my one favourite. Most I know are eager for the live streamed gigs to be well behind us, but make no mistake the virtual at home experiences have saved so many of us through the pandemic. Let’s give it one more spin together to celebrate the release of “Here, Tonight”!

‘Back to the Harbour’ available now

May 21st, 2021

Releasing a new record never grows old. Unlike me. I just turned another year older and still felt the rush and buzz of holding a new CD or Vinyl as I unwrapped Back to the Harbour

I recorded these songs with some of my best friends and musical inspirations around an old upright piano at Joel Plaskett’s amazing New Scotland Yard studio in Dartmouth with Cory Tetford and Kendel Carson. These are songs I love to sing at closing time. You know? When you think the night wants one more brush stroke to make it a perfect painting. They make me feel warm and cozy to sing them. Hope they do the same when you hear them.


Back Home on the Island

April 23rd, 2021

I first heard this song on TV sung by the most influential band I have ever known, Wonderful Grand Band. The voice singing was that of the legendary Ron Hynes though the words he spoke could have been directly from the mouth of any one of my father’s generation in Petty Harbour. They spoke with weary heartbreak to see the way of life their parents lived, with happy, busy days on the waters and in the kitchens, supplanted by shrinking fisheries and one household after the other emptying to flea to the mainland for work in faceless crowds in nameless factories. I hope you love Cody’s short film to accompany Back Home on the Island as much as I do. My hometown, like so many on the coast of our Province is hoping to hold onto some of the best of our traditions and remind everyone, including ourselves, that we come from a rich and beautiful time and place.