AC Flight 695 YYT-YYZ

July 7th, 2014

Summer is here again. A bit late, some may think. But Summer in Newfoundland is a bit of  a late sleeper.  Keeps you waiting in the lobby long past the call and drives many to huff and puff with impatience.  But when it finally arrives it is glorious.  Nothing like a sunny day for those who really appreciate the sight of it.  Summer for many means all the school rules of Fall, Winter and Spring, are quickly forgotten and the come what may of a hot summer day is the only thing on the calendar.  For me Summer means finally getting to play out doors.  We Canadian Musicians spend most of our time inside save for a few weeks in late June till mid September and for the most part we cherish the thought of it.

I had a blast playing in Fredericton a week or so ago.  A bit ashamed to say I almost forgot how beautiful it is in that town, especially down by the river.  Had some epic nights there with GBS over the years, including one hockey rink show at the Aiken Center when the power went out.  Not be deterred, me and about 4500 others sang Excursion Around the Bay completely accapella as the PA was rebooting.

Getting to play the best small outdoor venue in Canada this week at Jackson Triggs Winery.  This will be my third time playing there and could not be more chuffed to say it was the first concert of my summer calendar to sell out.  Thanks folks.  Also playing outside in Cornwall on Saturday night.  Had an awesome time there with GBS late 2014 and remember singing the National Anthem at a Swim Meet.  T’was fun.  All the info on the Cornwall gig here —

Two inside gigs as well this week.  First off in the beautiful Algonquin Theatre in Huntsville Ontario. Played there a while back and had grand pints in the pub to follow.  I think there’s still a few dozen tix left for that show so spread the word and come on down yourself.  All the info here —

Making my first ever trip to Meaford, Ontario on Thursday.  Any frequent readers of this blog know how excited I am about hitting a new place.  I understand the gig is all but Sold Out, but we may release a tic or two on the day.  Love to see you.  All the info is here —

For those seeing me and my band for the first time, you can expect to hear some of the tunes from my Boy on Bridge CD, a bunch of tunes from the GBS catalogue, some tunes I wrote for films like Robin Hood or TV like Republic of Doyle.  And some fun covers for the dancers as well.

So Grateful to have an amazing band of musos.  Ladies first, Kendel Carson will play fiddle and guitar and whatever she wants.  Cory Tetford will play guitar and kiss our faces. Shehab Illyas will play bass and take amazing photos of us when we are not looking.  Kris MacFarlane will play drums and that and do his best to try and keep me form speeding up.  Very happy to have Newfoundland Piano and Hammond Legend Paul Kinsman joining us this week as well.  Welcome aboard Paul.  The hazing will be minimal.

Currently in Fort Erie about to go record some more with the incredible Tawgs Salter.  I am a Lucky Bastard.

Happy Summer Everyone.