Flying Home

Splitting the Holidays between sand and snow, this year. Or at least, I thought. Looks like very little, if any snow has fallen in my absence. Merry Christmas either way, I figure.

In these last few hours of 2015, perhaps its time for a year in review.

Early in January I gathered with the Beautiful Gypsies to learn some new tunes from the soon to be Released SO LET’S GO CD and prep for the upcoming tour. It would be a quick dance as the CD dropped on the 20th and off we went on tour starting in Kitchener the next day. The first leg of the tour plowed through the heaviest wintertime in Southern Ontario I’ve ever rolled in. Our tour bus was snowed in on a couple of occasions and actually frozen stiff outside one theatre. But the warm reception made up for it all, which was especially welcomed, as one is never sure how a new CD or band or both would be received. Highlights on that first leg included a triumphant gig at home at Holy Heart and a Sold Out show at the legendary Danforth Music Hall in Toronto.

I recall the following weekend having a most adventurous trip to Whitecourt, Alberta. What should have been an 8 hour travel day turned into a 24 hour travel day thanks to some inclement weather. But with an ambitious driver and a very patient and eager Whitecourt crowd, I went on a couple of hours late to a hero’s welcome. Turned out to be a wicked night, that led us to an amazing day in Prince George at the Winter Games.

The second leg of the tour started in snow as well. Night one in Denver was a stormy affair as we rolled West though Phoenix and into LA for an awesome mini Indoor Garden Party with Russell, Scott, Sam, Carl and a few more. What a laugh. A Sold Out gig in Vancouver really made us feel like the momentum of the CD and tour was picking up. Same reception in Saskatoon and Winnipeg and we were in full swing.

We played Chicago on St. Patrick’s Day weekend. That was interesting. Saw a lot of strange stuff down the back alleys of the club district as folks obviously started celebrating LONG before me and The BG’s hit the stage. In retrospect, we probably should have played at noon!

The third leg of the SO LET’S GO Tour was a series of absolute home runs with sell out shows in New York, New England, and all through Atlantic Canada. I have to note that it was really cool to get back to the Ram’s Head in Annapolis as it has always been one of my fav venues in the US. But the Home away from Home gig in Halifax was the highlight for a few reasons. The Sold Out show might be one of the best shows I’ve ever played in my life. I was just so grateful to be there and honestly felt like everyone in the room felt the same.

But more than just a good show, that evening announced a special arrival of Spring for me, as I felt that the rebirth of my life in a band was for real. If the whole tour hinted people might still want to hear me sing and play outside the GBS Mothership, this night in Halifax confirmed it. I never really confessed to anyone how terrified I was at the thought of GBS retiring after Sean’s departure. Touring in a band in a van or bus with a gang of fellow fools is not just a musical passion of mine. It has become my way of life. I still love the rolling cavalcade as much as I did when I dreamt of it as a 10 year old. And when GBS finally rolled with a crew and side players on a bus all over the place, I took a knee and thanked my lucky stars, and have thanked them every night from the bus bunk since. As it became more and more evident that the GBS Mothership would be tied up, I wondered if that treasured way of life for me was over.

On that night in Halifax, the very city that gave me and the boys our first Canadian applause, I sat in the dressing room after the show and let myself believe that I might actually get a second chance. Alan Doyle and The Beautiful Gypsies it is. I’m ever grateful to Kendel, Cory, Shehab, Kris, Todd and Paul for sharing their time and talents with me. Off we Go.

We bolted back to Toronto to record a cool TV show with CMT and shoot a wicked video for 1,2,3,4 ft. Ed Robertson. Check it out here.

Thanks to Ed and the CMT gang, especially Joel and Melissa for their constant support and amazing talents.

The early part of the Summer, saw another rebirth as I finally got to play in Germany again after more than a decade away. Me and the Beautiful Gypsies not only rocked The Black Sheep festival, I got to see one of my all time fav bands, The Hooters. Can’t tell you what it meant to me in the 80’s to see a band on MTV playing instruments I was familiar with like, mandolins, melodicas, accordions and the like. Following the German triumph with the Beautiful Gypsies, I jumped a train to France and joined Allan Hawco and Mark Critch to help them with a documentary about the Newfoundland Regiment in WW1. It was incredible to walk in the footsteps of history and getting to sing the Ode to Newfoundland at Beaumont Hamel will no doubt be one of the professional highlights of my life.

Finally got to play Stanfest, and Cavendish in early July. Both festivals have been on my wish list for a long time and they served as a great launch point into a great summer of festivals all around. The CNE in Toronto was one of the biggest crowds I’ve ever played for. Amazing to me that after two decades it still feels like momentum is building. Thanks so much.

To kick off the Fall, I loved hangin with the country crowd in Halifax at the CCMA’s, but of course any excuse to go to Halifax is grand with me. Especially loved the gig Kendel and I did with Cory at the Lower Deck. So cool to sing on that legendary stage. How many smiles and laughs and good times have been had in that room, I wonder?

Next up was the thrill of a lifetime, really, with a 5-week opening slot on the Barenaked Ladies Tour. I had not done an opening tour since GBS opened for Runrig in 2002, I think. I forgot how much fun it can be to try and win over some folks who weren’t quite sure what they were in for. These runs are especially awesome if the headliner treats you well. And that would not begin to describe the way we were hosted by Ed and the BNL guys. We were guest of the who camp. They asked us on stage to play with them every night. They invited us into their homes and made us all feel like partners in crime. Thanks to the whole cast and crew for showing us such a grand time.

I’ve been off the road a for a few weeks and just wrapped up a radio show for CBC and submitted an early chapter for Book 2 and heading home for the snowy part of Christmas vacation. The plan was to be off the stage for the better part of a month and hitting the road later in January, but the phone rang a week or so ago with a last minute request to come to Niagara Falls for New Year’s Eve.

A flurry of emails rounded up The Beautiful Gypsies and as quick as that, we’ve got one of the premiere NYE gigs in North America. I’ve played this gig before with GBS and loved it every time. There’s something about being so close to the iconic Falls that gives a sense of occasion that I imagine is similar to being in Times Square or historically on the St. John’s Waterfront. (sadly, in recent years, there has been no city sponsored waterfront party in St. John’s…don’t get me started…nice fence though) So, I’m grateful the Gypsies for dropping their plans at the last minute to come rock the Falls with Down with Webster, Dennis de Young, and Tom Cochrane.

As I type, I’m sitting on a plane flying north from Fort Lauderdale to Halifax on my way to Home after a fun beach week with mine and my sister’s families. I spent most of Christmas Day in the pool or in the ocean with The Prince, when we weren’t building Lego, chasing a BB8 robot, or riding bikes and scooters in sunny 25C weather. It was a super fun and active day without much down time. But there was one moment of perfect peace. I sat on the sand and watched my wife and son, along with my sister and brother in law, and my perfect 6 month-old niece wading in the warm water kissing the white beach. And it was then, as they were silhouetted by the sun setting on the evening ocean, that once again, a question came to me, as it has so wonderfully often.

Is there anyone, anywhere as Lucky as Me?

Thank You All.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.



There’s barely a leaf left on the trees on my street and the backyard is quickly going from flowery and green to branchy and brown.  There’s a snowstorm forecasted for tomorrow. My 9-year-old son is already planning our snow day activities. I’ve heard Christmas music playing in stores and restaurants for more than a week. Perhaps most telling, there is a wind shifting up form the harbor that announces, without question, Winter is Coming. Very soon we’ll have the dawning of a New Year and I’m hoping 2016 was every bit as adventurous and fun as 2015.

The SO LET’S GO tour has been the thrill of a lifetime, and the few weeks on the road with Barenaked Ladies was a dream come true. I got home in time to send off a hero of mine, and the Ron Hynes celebration at the Basilica was one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever been a part of.  I’ll have more to say about that in the future, as I need more time to consider the whole deal.

I’ve just finished a few back and forth texts with my manager, Louis, talking about some exciting Summer 2016 gigs that are already on the books. Most notably, a main stage Saturday afternoon slot at the incredible Boots & Hearts Festival in August. So thrilled to be a part of this amazing lineup, which includes some of the biggest names in country and roots music. Many more in the works for the summer, so stay tuned.

Thankfully, I don’t have to wait till the snow melts to get back out there with the beloved Beautiful Gypsies. By afternoon on Friday, December 4th, a pile of new shows will be up for sale. They go from Ontario and Atlantic Canada all the way down to South Florida.  Me and the BGs will be playing tunes from my two albums, some Great Big Sea faves, traditional Newfoundland songs, and even a fun cover or two to make for the greatest kitchen party in history. Rolling into some really new places in the southern US, so please spread the word to some new faces who might come along for their first time. I’m totally happy to sign a CD or book, take a photo or just say Hi after any of these shows. Just hang around and we’ll get together.

All the dates and venues are noted here.

I’ve got to put away the leaf rake and get out the snow shovel.  Loves it.



Some sideways snow and a slightly delayed flight affords a quick moment here in St. John’s Airport.  I am hoping an airplane lands here shortly and ferries me back to Toronto to rejoin the Barenaked Ladies Tour in Hamilton tonight.  Me and The Beautiful Gypsies have been having a ball on the road with Ed, Jim, Kevin and Tyler and all the crew.  We’ve been treated like family since Day 1 and I’ll be forever grateful to them for this opportunity to play some old and new tunes for a bunch of new people.

I’ve been missing playing longer full shows and I have not done an honest to God opening tour since GBS opened for Runrig in Europe in 2002, I think.  But I have to say, I’ve enjoyed the chance to warm up the crowd and get it all done quickly.  Its also been very gracious of Ed and the boys to ask us back for a song or two in the BNL set, which I have described as follows…cool new tune, hit sing, hit song, hit song you forgot about, some charmingly honest improvised rap about the day we’ve had in the town, cool new tune, hit song, hit song, cool guest spots, hit song, hit song, really big international hit song, Canadian classic, Canadian classic, sing along, something funny, goodnight.  It is awesome.

When Ed asked me to sing Lovers in a Dangerous Time with them, he wondered if I knew it.  I answered honestly.   ‘Ed, I figure I’ve been singing that song about two weeks less than you.’  I started singing that song in pubs the moment I heard it first.  One of my fav covers of all time.

When GBS went into record our first blue cassette in 1993, we brought in the BNL Yellow tape as inspiration and guidance.  We figured if one of the biggest bands in Canada could make a living singing acoustic driven music, then maybe we could too.  It has been positively surreal some nights to stand on stage with them and be treated like and equal and a pal.  I am a Lucky Bastard.

The tour continues tonight in Hamilton.  Very happy to report a plane has emerged from the snow and we are boarding.

Love to see you at the last few shows this week.  All the info on the tour page.



Canada is a big country. I have said this before, I know, but today I hope you don’t mind if I repeat it. Today I will spend about 11 hours in airplanes and when I land I’ll still be in the same country. There are very few domestic routes that can boast such duration, but when you start in St. John’s and fly West to Toronto, then to Vancouver and North to Prince George, you understand the mass of land that is Canada.

Perhaps this will help illustrate the size of this Nation, and how far to the East of it I am starting my journey. When I stand on the street in Prince George later today, I will be further away from my house than if I was standing on a street in Berlin. About 200 kilometers closer, as the crow flies. And that would be some kind of crow.

But I’m not complaining. Quite to the contrary. Super excited to head West today to start a tour with The Beautiful Gypsies and sharing the stage with Barenaked Ladies. It been a while since I did an opening gig. Back in 2002, I think, GBS opened for Runrig in Scotland, England, Denmark and Germany. What a time we had. I’ve known Ed and the BNL guys for over two decades and they have always ben great supporters of me and other Canadians. So grateful to them for the invite to join up with them on this run. Looking forward to it all.

And it all is laid out on the website. Love to see you at the gigs. I’m happy to sign CDs, Books, or whatever at the Intermission so come on down. Full tour Info is here.

You might notice I’ve release a Deluxe Tour Edition of SO LET’S GO. It includes a studio version of I am a Sailor featuring Beautiful Gypsy Paul Kinsman on Piano and the most awesome string arraignment of Keith Power. There’s also a live version of a previously unreleased track ‘Dream of Home’ recorded at the Rebecca Cohn Theatre in Halifax, Nova Scotia. And, you’ll get the 1,2,3,4 remix with Ed Robertson from BNL and the wicked video for the same.

In other news, the Paperback and Audiobook versions of Where I Belong are available. So you can hear me reading me. Could be great or awful, depending on if you can stand to listen to my voice for 7 hours. All that stuff is available here.

Alright. Flight #1 awaits. SO LET’S GO



Had an amazing weekend in Halifax, or I suppose I should say, yet another amazing weekend in Halifax. The CCMA (Canadian Country Music Assoc.) had an awards weekend and I had a blast at the show and at a few parties, but the biggest thrill was a wonderful return to the best music pub in the world, The Lower Deck. Beautiful Gypsy, Cory Tetford hosts a regular happy hour there and was nice enough to let me and Kendel Carson crash the gig. We played some of my tunes, some of Cory’s tunes, some fun covers and even brought some old Great Big Sea songs back home to where they were first played on that Holy Stage. What a time. Thanks to all for joining.

Just a quick note here about next week as me and The Beautiful Gypsies are about to play a few places for the first time. We roll to

Albany, NY, September 23
Fall River, Mass, September 24
Hartfort, CT, September 25
Barre, VT, September 26
Concord, NH, September 27

All the details are on the tour page.

As it will be our first visit, I just wanted to give folks a heads up as to what to expect. The band is made up of me, and some of my serious gun slinging friends.

Kris MacFarlane-many folks know him as GBS drummer for over a decade
Shehab Illyas-mighty Nova Scotia bass player
Todd Lumley-the famous Mr. Lonely from Hawksley Workman’s troupe on accordion, and other keys
Cory Tetford-monstreous guitar and mando player, and quite possibly the most gifted singer ever from Newfoundland (and yes, it hurts a little to say that)
Kendel Carson-fiddle Goddess who tours with us, and sometimes John Prine and Spirit of The West. She’s otherworldly on the fiddle and sings and plays guitar and uke almost as good.

We’ll be doing two sets in most or all of the shows. You’ll hear tunes from my solo CD’s, the mighty GBS catalogue, some Newfoundland traditional tunes and usually a fun cover or two. All of this designed to make the greatest kitchen party in the history of Planet Earth.

So if that sound appealing and you can make it to one of the gigs next week, I’d love to see you. I’m happy to sign a CD or book or take a pic, or whatever you might want after the show.

Spin down and Spread the Word.