Happy Fall

Happy Fall Everyone. Sounds odd, doesn’t it? But any regular readers of this blog, and folks who know me closely, know that the Fall is my favourite time of year.

I like the way it looks with the ever-changing colours. Hills that once were a mono blanket of green letting go and making way for oranges, yellows, reds, and browns. A little at first, then a full surrender to the variety and perfect randomness of the hills of Autumn.

I like the way it feels. The heat of Summer, slowly, or not so slowly in Newfoundland, retreating first in the early morning and late evening and gradually, or not so gradually in Newfoundland, disappearing all together and the cool breeze of September welcomes back my favourite hoodie.

Mostly, I like the way it makes me feel. I’ve long touted September, not January, as the dawning of the New Year. A time of new beginnings, new school grades, new University classes, new jobs, new places, new faces. And if you are a curious cat like me, nothing is more thrilling than seeing what comes next. Fall is like finding a new corner to look around. A new rock to look under. A new song to sing.

And new songs are a-plenty these days as me and The Beautiful Gypsies prep for a new album. I’ve been so grateful for the positive response to the one or two we’ve been playing live, especially Come Out with Me, which has become a bit of a concert fav even though it is not even on a record yet. Might slide a few more new tunes in the sets this fall. I’ve got about a dozen new tunes mapped out and demoed and need to get another 6-8 to choose from to make the final list. In a perfect world, we’ll get those tunes this Fall and record the new album in a few months. The plan is to get it in the can by year’s end, for a single release in the early Spring, and a full release in the Fall of 2017.

And in a most perfect world, I’ll drop a new book right around the same time as the album. So, I’ve got to get down to it and write the rough draft and submit it before Santa Claus comes. I’ve got about a third of the book on paper and so far the working title is A Newfoundlander in Canada, and will chronicle my first impressions of the world as it appeared to me out the Great Big Sea van window. Some road stories, some lessons learned the hard way, some encounters with famous people, and a whole lot of surprises for a young fella who’d never really been far from Home.

Looking forward to a bunch of live gigs this Fall as well, including stops in Vermont and Trenton, Ontario this weekend and Aurora, Ontario the next. As always, I would love to see you at the shows. All the info is at www.alandoyle.ca/tour. Come on. Come on. Come out with me.

There’s also a fun TV appearance in the works, where I suspect you’ll see me in some old period costume. Keep you posted.

Also, super excited to be helping Beautiful Gypsy Cory Tetford with the last brush strokes of his new album. He might be too bashful to brag, but I certainly don’t mind telling you that it is going to be spectacular. Can’t wait for you all to hear it.

As I type, it is fairly early on the Monday of Labour Day weekend. I got up early to make some coffee and breakfast for friends departing our cabin overlooking Placentia Bay. My own family are still sleeping and it is just me and the trees and the water. The sun is creeping over the hills behind me onto the hills in front of me across the bay. A slight breeze ripples the mirror of the harbour. This could be my fav seat in the world. On my fav day of the year. I am so, so lucky.

The Fall is upon us and all the new and exciting nexts that come with it.

So, lets go.


Summer shows announced

Hey all,

Excited for the Summer Gigs to get rolling in the SOO this Friday in a really cool new venue, the Machine Shop. Stoked to be joining the most awesome Arkells on Saturday for my first ever visit to Kirkland Lake. I’ll be doing a book signing in the afternoon as well. Details on the tour page. Come on out. Love to see you.

The Summer rolls on with a bunch of cool gigs in Canada and the US and the East Coast and West. Looking forward to them all, especially a grand hometown gig at the George Street Festival, easily my fav gig in Newfoundland.

Check out all the dates and stuff on the tour page. Spread the word and that. Appreciate all the buzz and support.

On the down days, I’ve been working away on writing a new album and a new book, both of which I hope to have in the can by the end of this year to be released in 2017. Lotta work, but the best kind of work.


Thanks to all who’ve grabbed advance tix to upcoming shows. Grateful for it all.

See you out there in the sun.


In The Sun

Currently enjoying the last few breaths of a grand vacation with family and friends. Just wanted to drop a quick note on a couple of things.

First of all, this weekend, one of the most influential bands of my life are playing their last show. And they are going out with such grace, class and style, that we should all give them a standing O. Spirit of the West were the first Nationally successful band that I ever saw on TV or in person that made me feel like I could just be myself, and play music on instruments that came from my backyard and sing songs about stuff that happened to me. Being from Newfoundland, I was lucky to have local heroes of mine like Ron Hynes and the Wonderful Grand Band and Figgy Duff, but the first band I ever saw play folky celtic music on the National Music Video stations alongside all the hair metal and rock in the 80’s was Spirit of the West. As soon as I saw John Mann strum an acoustic guitar solo in Save this House, or Geoffrey Kelly play a ripping flute tune in the rowdy Home for a Rest , I felt like the path to a life in music for me got a little clearer. Perhaps I didn’t need to look or sound like Whitesnake and pretend to be from LA afterall.

I got to see them live a few times and in the fall of 1995 (I think), Great Big Sea got to open for the Gents across Ontario and even a wondrous homecoming at the old Memorial Stadium in St. John’s. Over the years, we became and remained great friends and have toured and recorded together many times. I have not the words to tell you how many life and musical lessons I’ve learned from them.

This weekend they wrap up an amazing run that would be a fantasy for just about every one I ever met who picked up a guitar and dreamed a big dream. A few health issues including John’s well publicized Alzheimer’s condition has taken the band off the road earlier than many of us fans would have hoped, but the songs will be sung and resung for as far and long as any of us will see. So stoked to have a couple of the Beautiful Gypsies, Kendel and Kris, helping the Gents out in the final few shows.

Serious congrats to John, Geoffrey, Hugh, Vince, and Tobin and all the other past and present members of the band.

Whoever said ‘Don’t meet your heroes’, never met Spirit of the West.

Also, big shout out to Beautiful Gypsy Cory Tetford out with the most awesome Matt Andersen this week.

As for me and all Beautiful Gypsies, we hit the road starting Thursday in Buffalo. Some of the shows are Sold Out and more are very, very close so grab a tic quick if you can make it. All the details on the tour page here.

I’m back to the palm trees and that for a few more hours. (have I mentioned here that I might be the luckiest fella on earth?)

These so called vacations will soon be my death.

See you back out on the road soon.



I have been home for over a month. For someone who flies about 100 times a year, a near five-week stint sleeping in your own bed is a rare occurrence. I’ve heard it said that the longer you are home, the harder it is to leave, and I can feel it this morning. Creatures of habit, we humans get used to things, don’t we? Used to the routine of getting up and ready for Grade Four, walking the dog that hill or around that lake. Used to the familiar smiles on Water Street and the wink from the old Skipper who’ s Irish Setter, I swear does the same. Used to a kiss on the face from the fairest one of all in the morning or evening, or better yet, for no reason at all.

There’s a sting that comes with leaving home after you have been there long enough to get used to it, and long enough for home to get used to you. A sting that does not come when you are at the airport six or eight times a month. The early rises don’t help either. Can’t risk waking up the Prince for a final peek before tiptoeing into the cold morning air to an airport cab. Can’t drop into Mom’s and stand in her kitchen ripping handfuls of warm bread off a fresh loaf and refusing sit and eat a proper slice because you ‘don’t really want any.’

But sting or no, early or no, off we go. And I suspect the sting will fade with coffee and the site of the top of the clouds as we roll off again for another tour. A smile will come with the undeniable realization that I’m still in the game. Excitement will come when I see the Beautiful Gypsies at YYZ. And maybe even a fist pump will come when our tour bus rolls across Texas and the South US for the first time in WAY too long.

Truth be told, I cannot wait to bring this whole new thing to Texas, Nashville, Atlanta and beyond. Even typing those words eases the sting a little and I suspect chord number one will be just what the doctor ordered.

This trip includes a couple of private functions this week in TO, as well as a big day to push towards the skeleton of Book 2 before flying South to start the Tour proper. It also includes a trip to the Bahamas and the Junos, where a nomination and a gig at the songwriter’s circle should kill any lingering sting, for sure.

All the dates are on the tour page. Got a few pals in the South US? I’d be grateful if you sent them our way.

Yeah, it stings a bit this morning, no doubt. But I am reassured by the same question as ever.

Is there anyone luckier than me?