Come Out With Me

October 6th, 2017

Hey all, another new track available now— Come Out With Me! Pre-order the album to get it, or stream it now on Spotify. 

On the face of it all, Come Out With Me is about a sailor who’s just returned home after a long journey on the water. There’s a dance in town and he’s hoping beyond hope the the love he’s longed for has been longing for him just as much. I suppose it is a thinly (perhaps very thinly) veiled story to show how I feel when the tour bus rolls into a new town every morning. Me and that sailor feel the same way, I figure. We’re both anxious we’ve been away too long and might have been forgotten or replaced. We’re both wishing to see the faces we saw last time and that they will smile when our eyes meet. We both want, more than anything, to share a great night out after travelling so far to get to this evening. And through a thousand storms and troubles on sea, the light in the window of this night has been the singular thing that has made it all worth it. Hope you like Come Out With Me. See you on the road: COME OUT WITH ME TOUR DATES