September 4th, 2012

Today is what I call the first official day of the Fall. The first work day after Labour Day Weekend. The day when just about everyone goes back to work or school. The day when people get on or off planes in new places and start something they plan to be doing for the next block of time. Today, most of the Western World shakes of the lazy cob webs of Summer and dives headlong into what comes next.

Next. I’ve always loved that word. For some it has a negative connotation. For example, my friends in the acting and musical theatre world hate to hear ‘next’ at auditions and such. But I have always been the kind to dream far more of what is ahead than behind. Next is really unknown and to be discovered. Next is awesome.

Right up on the next platform is a long awaited journey on the Mothership GBS. We’ve done a few one off’s here there and everywhere but we have not been together on a bus in quite a few months. It will be a short trip but a really fun one, I hope. We play a couple of Casino rooms in Ontario and New York State, and then we finally make it to the Ottawa Folk Fest. Not sure why we’ve never played this festival, but, as I have often confessed here, any excuse to get to the Nations Capitol is a good one.

On Sunday, myself and pro thespian Allan Hawco head to Saskatoon, another of favourite places to give out a trophy at the Canadian Country Music Awards. Fun stuff.

Then he and I travel back to St John’s where he’ll become Jake and I’ll become Wolf. I am reprising my role as Wolf Redmond on CBC’s Republic of Doyle and will be joined by Scott Grimes as he returns in the role of Jimmy Rourke. Fun times.

There’s a few solo things on the fly as well. Check out our Sean as he and Jeremy Fisher have a date coming up in St John’s at the The Ship on Sept 16th and he and Andrew James Obrien play the Blacksheep Inn in Wakefield QC on Sept 30th. Andrew will be joining me in PEI at the Trailside Café in Mount Stewart on Oct 3 and 4.

There’s a new video about to be launched for Testify. I have seen a rough cut and it is pretty cool, I must say. It was shot in Iceland and will feature a couple of familiar faces. I think we are eyeballing mid September for a release. Keep you posted.

Also working on the finishing touches on the Boy on Bridge Documentary Film. Basically it tells the story of how the CD was made in the most usual and unusual places.

And them the Daddy of them all, GBS XX is all basically ready to go to the printers. More details to come but look out for a five or six CD/DVD box set with a collection of Trad. and Pop music and a pile of stuff you’ve never heard or seen. It will include the dates for an extensive tour in 2013 that will take almost a full year to complete. A grand celebration of two decades on the road, thanks to kind folks like your selves.

Much lies ahead in the next category. Many thanks for all of it.

See you out there soon.