April 16th, 2012

I am almost over the Jet Lag. For those of you who’ve never done it, its tough to turn your body clock effectively 12 Hours. Day becomes night and sleep happens when you body wants to wake up. Takes a few days, but I’m almost there. Here at the cabin, it makes it a little easier as you can kind of make you own hours. As I type the clock read 5:41 am. Pretty early, but I fell asleep at about 9 pm last night. Hopefully by Monday, and the resumption of the normal work/school week, I’ll be back on Newfoundland time.

Much ado in the planning for the Boy on Bridge release now a little more than a Month away. Looks like there’ll be a series of TV and radio appearances, starting around the 9th of May running until the start of the Tour on May 22. These appearances could include singing a few songs on Q on CBC Radio and Canada AM on CTV. There could be a couple of in-store appearances in at a few of my fav CD stores and COSTCO locations as well.

Also looks like we’ll be adding two concert dates as well. Stay tuned for an announcement for St John’s, and Buffalo as they join the list of cities on Boy on Bridge Tour. All the dates and tickets info are up here.

Love to see you make it out if you can.

Also looks like we’ll be shooting a music video for the single, ‘I’ve Seen a Little’. Details are to be decided this week, but the video will most be shot the first week of May. Keep you posted.

I’ve also been proofing the design for the Alan Doyle Bobblehead. I’m serious.

More information to flow out this and next week leading up to the launch date. Keep you posted.

I hear the stirring of the Prince. He’ll be up vying to have a popsicle for breakfast any minute now. Best go and prep myself for the debate. He’ll have an awesome argument ready, I guarantee it. If I don’t get my ducks in a row he’ll win. Again.