In The Sun

April 15th, 2015

I am in the last few deep breaths of a sunny vacation with the Fairest One of All, The Prince and a few awesome friends and their very awesome kids. I even got a far to rare hang with my little Sister Michelle as she has taken up residence and singing up a storm for people far from the winter. Feeling very grateful for this time away from the madness, but rested and eager to get back on the road with The Beautiful Gypsies.

A quick note about the last tour. Thanks to all for braving the snow in Denver, and coming out in Durango. Special thanks for the Sold Out show in Phoenix. What a laugh in LA with Russell, Scott , Sam and Carl and the Indoor Garden Party gang joining in the fun. Got to hear some of the tunes from a Crowe/Doyle CD that we recorded in Aus and LA last year. Grand songs. Looks like you’ll get to hear them later this year. So cool to play in Oakland and Napa for the first time. Sold out shows in Seattle, Vancouver, and Chilliwack rolled us up North. Calgary was a blast and Edmonton was ‘Band Friday’ or ‘Crew Years Eve’ (when the touring party has the next day off) so we rolled to the Black Dog after the show and had my 6 millionth great night in that pub. What a spot. We had a bonus day in Saskatoon, which remains the best-kept secret in Canada. What a great city it has become. After triumphant returns to the West End Cultural Center in Winnipeg and the Cedar theatre in Minneapolis, we wrapped up in the midst of the most boisterous St. Patrick’s Day in Chicago. I loved it all. Thanks so much.

Gearing up for the start of SO LET’S GO Leg Three next week. Some shows Sold Out already. Thanks to the folks in Natick, Fredericton, and Halifax for getting the tix so quickly. A few others are on the verge of filling the house too, so grab your tix as I’d love to see you. For those wondering about the show, myself and a band of Beautiful Gypsies play tunes from my two solo CD’s, some GBS fav’s, a Newfoundland Traditional song or two, and a few guest and surprises here and there.

Speaking of surprises, here’s a very poorly kept secret; my pal Scott Grimes is jumping on the bus for a few days around NYC, Philly, and Boston. Scott has been a great friend and supporter of mine for almost a decade. I would not have hit my mark a single time in the Robin Hood Movie if not for the constant advice and pointers from Scott and a few others. He remains one of my favourite collaborators as a songwriter, singer, and actor. Had a million laughs over the years playing Wolf to his Jimmy on Republic of Doyle and what a solid he did me in agreeing to play Bobbie in the SO LET’S GO video. His final scene is even shot in his backyard. What a Gent. Check out him and the lovely Jes in the vid:

Or if you’re reading this from outside of Canada, watch here.

A few other pals may join the madness as we roll along. So grateful to them all.

As I type, the Fairest One is enjoying a much deserved sleep in while The Prince, still in pj’s, waves his new Harry Potter wand with one hand while eating toast with the other. Over his head I can see a swimming pool with a waterslide, a perfect beach that falls away to a flat, blue, welcoming sea. I am a Lucky Bastard.

See you out there on the road in a week.