20 thoughts on “I’ve Seen a Little

  1. Alan – I love it. It’s You…how could I possibly not love it? It’s perfect for your song – great work all around. I’m not sure where videos get played in this day and age, but wherever that may be ( I know CMT.ca still plays them, and there must be other places too), I hope this one gets played as much as it deserves. And that your song gets heard as much as it and you deserve.

  2. love the kid! why do i think the fictional apple doesn’t fall far from the factual tree? very nice. congrats on the success of Boy on Bridge.

  3. Hi Alan,
    The video gives us a different perspective on the story behind the song. Love the portrayal of the child, very mischievous. I hope it can be televised in it’s entirety and not just bits of it for the CBC Fall Lineup.
    Job well done and entertaining.

    Cheers and 2 thumbs up.

  4. love the video – did the young man’s antics come from memories of your childhood? Your mother must have had her hands very full….

  5. Awesome, awesome video! That video son of yours looks like quite the little imp! I agree with Inga; if you were anything like that as a child, your Mom had her work cut out for her!

  6. this is sooooo funny! Really a cool thing. Amazing music you write and perform. Enjoy the summer and congrats on the Junior – they do grow fast !

  7. Fantastic video! Glad I found it here… been listening to it for so long on the commercial that I had to hear the whole thing. Ironically the first place I looked was YouTube and strangely enough a video by a FANTASTIC CANADIAN ARTIST cant be viewed in Canada

    Methinks you need to talk to UMG about that

    Anyway, lookin forward to more great videos!

  8. LOVE IT! This song will always make you get up and dance, even my 13 month old smiles when he sees your face. He is just like his mommy, love your music! Congrats…your music makes my heart smile!

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