I’ve Seen a Little

March 26th, 2012

I’ve had today circled on my calendar for quite a while. Today, the first single from ‘Boy on Bridge’ is available for public consumption. I confess to a bit of nervous energy around the house as much rides on how the single is received by folks at home and at radio. I’ll have a few meetings with the labels and the like this week and touring and video budgets etc all seem to be easier to get if the initial response is positive.

So, if you’ll pardon my shameless self-promotion, please go here…


Here you can buy the song “I’ve seen a Little”. It’s a tune I wrote in Nashville in with Gordie Sampson and Troy Verges. I wanted to write a real simple Country/Rock tune that almost any band could play real quickly. I suppose I wanted it to hearken back to the Records I loved when I was a young teen. Back then, I loved John Cougar and Tom Petty especially. Seemed like every band I was in played those tunes at every dance and bar, and everyone loved it.

Lyrically, the song is really a summary for the whole solo project. I speaks about wanderlust and a live every moment kind of energy, as you guys have probably already heard me sing about. But this one goes a little further to talk about not being satisfied with what’s already been accomplished and about making a conscious choice to not rest on one’s laurels.

“It ain’t what you done, it’s what you’re gonna do”

Thanks in advance for picking up the Single and for requesting at your fav radio station, and for spreading the word in general. I am very grateful.

Stay tuned tomorrow for the big announcement of the Boy on Bridge Tour Dates.