Leave Her Johnny

March 5th, 2021

Hi All,

New music to share! I had a few free days while touring around the Atlantic Bubble in November. Nipped into Joel Plaskett’s amazing New Scotland Yard studio with Cory and Kendel. We recorded six songs in three days live-off-the-floor, directly into an old tape machine. Leave Her Johnny has been one of my fav shanties since I was a kid.


This shanty of a ship’s last day is one of the dozen or more I don’t remember learning. I realize this may seem odd to some, as in most parts of the world people have one or two songs they don’t remember learning, like Happy Birthday or Silent Night. But in Newfoundland we have so many songs that are just part of our language. I doubt many from around here could tell you when they learned I’se The B’y or Lukey’s Boat. We just know them.

Hope you like it. Full EP comes out in May, more to come!