London, UK – Hotel Lobby

June 22nd, 2017

Sitting in the lobby of the hotel awaiting a car to Heathrow Airport, still buzzing about last night’s triumph at Bush Hall. There is something special about playing in London, a city that has been the hub of the music world for centuries. There is something very special about the intoxicating feeling of momentum that comes with returning to a city to a bigger venue that is sold out to the doors with excited people eager for your return. There is something very, very special about getting a chance to sing songs for folks in a city that has had a few rough weeks. Not that a night out with me and the band is a cure all, but it feels good to offer even the most modest breath of levity and light when folks are hungry for it.

All of these things happened last night, I figure. And I am grateful for it all.

Exciting times as the first single from the new CD drops tomorrow. As of Friday, you can request the song on your fav radio station, stream it on your fav streaming service, and download it from your fav digital platform. I’d be super thankful if you did one, two, or all three of these things and spread the word about it all. A big rush and show of interest in the single drives a whole bunch of activity for the album release and tour to come later this Fall and into 2018. So, thank you all in advance for all the support.

Stay tuned for a fun video for Summer Summer Night as well. Me and the band and a crew of wonderful young actors recreated an 80s Summer Camp movie. I hope the guy gets the girl, don’t you?

Off to LHR and onto Frankfurt en route to the Blacksheep Festival! Danke!