So Let’s Go
So Let’s Go  /  I Can’t Dance Without You  /  The Night Loves Us  /  Laying Down to Perish  /  My Kingdom  /  1,2,3,4  /  Stay  /  Sins of Saturday Night  /  Shine On  /  Take Us Home

Boy On Bridge
Sorry  /  I’ve Seen A Little  /  My Day  /  Where The Nightingales Sing  /  Testify  /  Break It Slow  /  Love While Love’s Awake  /  Light The Way  /  Northern Plains  /  Lover’s Hands  /  Perfect Excuse  /  The Rules Will All Be Broken  /  Where I Belong


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1,2,3,4 (Canada)

1,2,3,4 (International)

The Night Loves Us (Canada)

The Night Loves Us (International)

So Let’s Go (Canada)

So Let’s Go (International)