2020 Cross-Canada Tour

October 22nd, 2019

Hey all,

Very excited to start the most extensive tour I’ve ever launched. The Rough Side Out Tour will roll from California to Newfoundland and all parts in between with some brand new music and bunch of old favourites, too. I’m stoked to tell you about the first two Canadian legs of the tour with stops as far West as Vancouver and as far East as Halifax. The Beautiful Beautiful Band are ready to roll and our special guest, the incredible Kelly Prescott will be opening the shows. Gonna be a Time!

Every ticket purchased for this tour includes a physical CD of my new EP (getting released on February 14, 2020) and one dollar from each ticket sold for this show will go to support the A Dollar A Day Foundation. Every dollar collected goes directly into the hands of proven Mental Health and Addictions programs across the country. We’ll help with the opioid crisis in Vancouver and homelessness in St. John’s and a whole lot more in between. Pre-sales start early on October 23!

And if you haven’t yet, you can LISTEN to my new single with Dean Brody now, We Don’t Wanna Go Home!


We Don’t Wanna Go Home

October 18th, 2019

Hey all, today’s the day I can share my new single with you…

I’ve so often stood in front of a bartender at 5 minutes to closing time begging him or her to not ring that last call bell for a few minutes longer. The pub is great, the songs and drinks and smiles and laughs are flowing and rolling. I have literally sang and danced and fell to my knees to try to get one more round. We Don’t Want To Go Home is the story of one of those nights in St. John’s Newfoundland. I was so glad that Dean Brody wanted to jump aboard and help tell this story of the night a few of us did our best to keep the party going. It’s a fun song with a bunch of friends on there just like it was that night in the pub.

Share away. More exciting news coming next week, stay tuned.


‘Laying Down to Perish’ – Dragon Boat Sessions

August 12th, 2019

Grand to warm up back stage with Cory Tetford and Kendel Carson. Thanks to Current Sessions Productions & Ottawa Dragon Boat Festival!