Porter Airlines Flight 701

April 30th, 2012

It’s not often I depart Canada on an airplane that does not have Air Canada written on the side of it. But today, myself, my wife, and son are all aboard a Porter Airlines Flight bound for a week of Family Time before all the madness begins. Porter flies direct into this wee holiday destination so we decided to make this rare journey off the Air Canada grid. We have just taken off from Billy Bishop Airport, also known as Toronto Island Airport. Very pleasant. The Prince especially enjoyed the very short Ferry ride to the Airport. A boat ride, a plane trip, a walk on a beach and a waterslide all in one day. He is in Heaven.

I am not far behind him as the excitement builds for all that lies in the immediate future. All thins being well, in less than a month the Boy on Bridge CD will be released, a video will be shot, a full Press Blitz will be under way, and the tour with the AD Band will have begun.

First up, a pile of phone interviews with print media across North America, so look out for an article online or in your fav newspaper or magazine. Hope the critics are kind. You never know.

On May 10th we shoot a music video for the single ‘I’ve Seen a Little’. I don’t want to give anything away about the concept for the video but it should be a fun and energetic wee movie to watch while listening to the song.

Myself and the AD Band are excited to be playing Live on the vastly popular Canadian Radio show Q on Friday May 11th. Hope you’ll tune in on your local CBC or NPR station, or online.

This should be followed by a bunch of Canadian TV appearances including Canada AM and a few others on May 14 and on release day, May 15.

If you recall, we shot a special for CMT a few weeks back. That special is due to air on May 16, the same night I’m due to be in Halifax doing an in store mini concert and CD signing at a local Costco. I’m doing a similar event at Costco in St. John’s on Saturday May 19th.

Then on May 20th, I make my way West to do some more press stuff in Vancouver, and on May 21, I should met up with the assembled AD Band to rehearse and do a tech set up.

Then the tour starts.

As I’ve mentioned here before, the tour includes stops in Seattle, Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Saskatoon, Winnipeg, Minneapolis, Chicago, Toronto, Buffalo, Montreal, New York, Washington, Philly, Boston, Moncton, Halifax, and finally home in St John’s. (Also excited to have been invited to Ottawa Bluesfest on July 4th)
Sounds like a lot, but I bet it will pass quick. Grab your tickets if you are near a show. There are still a few left for some shows and I’d love to see you there.

For all the info, best to consult the web page, www.alandoyle.ca, but I’ll try to keep the Tweets coming at @alanthomasdoyle as well.

In other news, congrats to my friends Allan Hawco and Perry Chafe for on the announcement of Season 4 of the Republic of Doyle. This show has been such a success that even with the cuts at the CBC, Republic of Doyle survives and prospers. Cheers gents. Could not be happier for you. Lets hope Wolf live on.

Captain just announced our descent. My wife and son are stirring from their napping. Over their shoulders and out the window I can see green hills parted by a blue and white stream running to a sandy beach and warm ocean water.

I am a Lucky Bastard.

Hope to see you all soon. Thanks for all the advance hype and excitement.