St John’s Airport

October 3rd, 2012

Hey, didn’t I just write a blog from this very chair here in the AC Lounge in St John’s Airport while awaiting a delayed flight to Halifax? Hmm. Déjà vu.

I am still on a bit of a high from Sunday night past. As mentioned here and on Twitter, a bunch of Newfoundland musicians gatherer at the Delta Hotel for The Night of a Thousand Songs, a benefit for our songwriting hero, Ron Hynes, who is battling Cancer. Live music is a wonderfully chaotic thing. Throwing together nearly fifty musicians with little or no rehearsal to perform songs they don’t usually do, should be a recipe for a train wreck or two. But on Sunday night I feel like I got to do something that almost never happens. I feel like I played in a perfect concert.

I don’t want to sound like a braggart or something but I have played in thousands of concerts, and am grateful for everyone one of them. Good, Bad and Ugly. But Sunday night honestly felt as perfect an event as I’ve ever had the privilege to see, much less be a part of. Every act from the smallest most acoustic tune to the biggest rockers of the night were delivered with such honest passion that they were each amazing in their own way. It was music and performance at its finest as every last person sang and played for exactly the right reasons. Love and Gratitude. Love for the song. Love for the songwriter. Gratitude to get the chance to sing in such an environment. Gratitude to get the chance help a friend. Love and Gratitude to play even the smallest role in a night that everyone knew was magical.

Like I said, I am still a bit buzzed from it all. If it is at all possible, I love being a part of the Newfoundland Music Community even more than I did a week ago. Big shout out to Glen Tilley, Paul Kinsman, Heather McKinnon and Tony Murray, just four of the dozens of people who worked so hard to make it all happen.

I’m off to Mount Stewart, Prince Edward Island today for two shows at the Trailside Café. It’s a cool and tiny little place, I hear. It should be myself and Cory T on guitars and stuff and we are being joined for the first time by uber talented Lisa Macisaac. Our usual Fiddle Lady, Kendel Carson is out on another gig and could not make it, so we are grateful to Lisa for jumping aboard and eager to share the stage with her for the weekend.

Many thanks to folks who have seen and heard the Testify video and single and have requested it at their fav stations. It is actually getting added to playlists in both Canada in the US. If we are not careful, we might actually get a song on the charts. Jaysus. For those who have not seen he vid, here it is:

All hands very excited in the GBS camp as well. Just weeks away from the release of GBS XX our Twentieth Anniversary Box Set. There be a pile of stuff in there and we are doing 100 Very Limited Edition Boxes with one of a kind stuff in it along with concert tickets etc. We put them up for pre order yesterday, but the sold out in minutes. Looks like we are not the only ones excited for the XX Celebrations. We have a gig to kick start the launch of the Box in a few weeks in Toronto. Check it out if you can. All the info at

Finally, and sadly, we have to say Fare Thee Well to one of my favourite singers, Raylene Rankin of the Rankin Family. Gone too young. Condolences to Jimmy and all the rest of the Rankins, who paved the way for many bands and fiddlers and singers and songwriters from this part of the world. RIP Raylene.

More stuff about movies, books and shows to come. Stay tuned here and follow alanthomasdoyle on Twitter to hear the latest.