St. John’s Airport

May 13th, 2014

Its early. Like, Fisherman Early. About three and a half hours ago, I watched the Habs force a Game 7 against the Bruins in the NHL Playoffs. With thoughts of Playoff glory and defeat battling for my dream time, I could not get much sleep. So I’m a bit bleary eyed at Gate 3 here at YYT as the Sun surely rises over the runway bringing what should be a lovely morning to the town I love so well.

Have only been home for about 30 hours as I was in Halifax for the previous weekend rehearsing with the AD Band as we get ready to take on a few Summer festivals and theatres. We jammed a few new AD songs and some old GBS songs. So cool to hear both of them imagined and reimagined at the able hands of Kendel, Cory, Todd, Shehab and Kris. We jammed Friday played a fun gig on Saturday night and I still found some late night time to wander in and out of some old haunts in Halifax. The Lower Deck remains a favourite visit of mine. Paul and the Wreckhouse boys had the place on wheels when I got there Friday night. Likewise Party Boots had the Seahorse going mad on Saturday. Hard to beat a weekend in Halifax.

The weekend was rounded out by a lovely afternoon writing with David Myles, a most excellent New Brunswick fella who could very well like writing and singing songs as much as me.

Just previous to that excursion, I had a one of the most satisfying musical experience sin my life as I got to sing and the amazing Gower Street United Church with an over 200 member choir. Debuted a new song, ‘A Little Light’ I wrote for the Dr. Jack Hand Legacy Foundataion. Dr. Jack was an amazing man who gave most of his young life to helping other people before losing a battle with Cancer. The Foundation continues his work and helps out families in the same fight. All the info on the cause is here. Check it out and support the cause if you can. Thanks.

All that has led me here to Gate 3 where I am taking on a day I could not have seen coming. I am sitting in my suit jacket awaiting a flight to Ottawa to give a presentation to a Parliamentary Committee at the nations highest offices. I am the Artist Representative on a granting agency for musicians called the Radio Starmaker Fund. The board is giving a report of affairs and have asked me to come and help explain how the fund helps Canadian Artists. I ironed my shirt and everything. Seriously.

Following the presentation I am getting a tour of the Canadian Parliamentary Buildings. I’ve really only seen them from the outside so I’m very grateful to Senator George Furey for showing me around the place. I might even get to Question Period. How very Canadian. Looking forward to it all.

Nipping down to Toronto tomorrow to write and record another tune for the next solo CD which is surely taking shape. I’d say I’ll spend tomorrow night in front of the TV hoping the Habs can seal the deal against the Bruins.

Fingers Crossed. Hoping I get to spend some of my Bday weekend watching the Habs in the next round. May 17th 1969 is my Bday. The math is ugly anyway you do it. This weekend I turn Half 90. Jaysus.

Lots of Summer dates up at Love to see you out at the gigs. Some are Sold Out already. Thanks so much.

The Airport is truly awake now and the sun creeps up over the coffee pots at the Jumping Bean station. It is no longer late last night. It is clearly early this morning.

Off we go.