January 20th, 2015

Early listeners to the new SO LET’S GO CD have responded with huge thumbs up.

“My CD is deadly.”
-a long haired fella from Petty Harbour

“Wicked Tape.”
-Cory Tetford (not necessarily the guitar player fella in the band)

“The new Alan Doyle CD could be the greatest collection of music ever compiled.”*
-Tom and Jean Doyle (possibly no relation)

Music Legends have weighed in…

“SO LET’S GO has taught me more about guitar than I ever knew before. It’s made me a WAY better player. That Alan dude is a shredder, man.”*
-Eddie Van Halen

“I thought I knew how to craft a great song but, wow, after hearing Alan Doyle’s new CD, I’ve got to get to Newfoundland and work with these folks.”*
-Neil Diamond

“My voice is higher now. After just one listen.”*
-fella from Outfield

-Robert Plant

Celebrities as well…

“I bought one SO LET’S GO CD and felt good. I bought two more and felt better. So, I buy one every hour now and I find it keeps me I shape like never before.”
-Georges St. Pierre

“This CD is so great. I’m putting one under every seat in the world.”

“I never really felt beautiful and sexy before I heard SO LET’S GO. I wonder if Alan Doyle is single”*
-JLO, Beyonce, and Scarlett Johansson

So why not pick up a few hundred for yourself? Out everywhere Tuesday, Jan 20th.

Go here (iTunes)

Or here

Or to your fav CD store in town or online.

Very excited.

Thanks All.


* may or may not have actually been said; by anyone; ever.