Tour Diary

March 20th, 2012

Welcome everyone to the new website and Facebook and all that. You’ll still be able to find this blog as you always have, at, but it will be here as well and I’ll link it to my Twitter stuff, @alanthomasdoyle.

Exciting times. Boy on Bridge is to be released on May 15th on Universal Records in Canada, at Redeye in the US, and on iTunes everywhere. The first single, “I’ve seen a Little”, is going to radio this Friday the 23rd and will be available for purchase on iTunes on Monday, March 26th. I’ll be shooting a video for the single in the coming weeks and in both cases, I’ll be asking/begging/pleading for you to get it, request it, share it etc. You know the whole deal.

I really hope the Single does well. I wrote it at a shack in Nashville with my friends Gordie Sampson and Troy Verges. Here’s me and Gordie at the shack learning to play it. Cool.

I’ll keep you posted about the press events around the date of the launch as I suspect I’ll be showing up in a few places here, there, and everywhere flogging myself and committing shameful acts of self promotion.

Stay tuned as well for details about a tour of smaller venues that is to start on May 22nd in Western North America, and proceed East till the second week of June. It will be me with a great group of musicians featuring tunes from the CD and a bunch of other fun stuff. Tix will be limited compared to some of the bigger GBS gigs, so I hope you all get in quick. Thanks so much in advance.

In the GBS Camps, I think we are a couple of days away from finishing the bonus material for GBS XX. I really think you are going to dig the new traditional, original and cover tunes we’ve prepped for the release slated for late 2012. We are all very excited about our first Australian trip coming up in just a week or so. Really looking forward to sharing the stage with so many awesome acts at the Byron Bay Festival. Sydney and Melbourne folks should get tix if they want to see the club shows as they are both very near sell outs.

Again, welcome to all the new social media spots. I’ll do my best to keep up with it all.

Many thanks for all the excitement in advance of the Solo CD. Keep you posted.