October 18th, 2015

Canada is a big country. I have said this before, I know, but today I hope you don’t mind if I repeat it. Today I will spend about 11 hours in airplanes and when I land I’ll still be in the same country. There are very few domestic routes that can boast such duration, but when you start in St. John’s and fly West to Toronto, then to Vancouver and North to Prince George, you understand the mass of land that is Canada.

Perhaps this will help illustrate the size of this Nation, and how far to the East of it I am starting my journey. When I stand on the street in Prince George later today, I will be further away from my house than if I was standing on a street in Berlin. About 200 kilometers closer, as the crow flies. And that would be some kind of crow.

But I’m not complaining. Quite to the contrary. Super excited to head West today to start a tour with The Beautiful Gypsies and sharing the stage with Barenaked Ladies. It been a while since I did an opening gig. Back in 2002, I think, GBS opened for Runrig in Scotland, England, Denmark and Germany. What a time we had. I’ve known Ed and the BNL guys for over two decades and they have always ben great supporters of me and other Canadians. So grateful to them for the invite to join up with them on this run. Looking forward to it all.

And it all is laid out on the website. Love to see you at the gigs. I’m happy to sign CDs, Books, or whatever at the Intermission so come on down. Full tour Info is here.

You might notice I’ve release a Deluxe Tour Edition of SO LET’S GO. It includes a studio version of I am a Sailor featuring Beautiful Gypsy Paul Kinsman on Piano and the most awesome string arraignment of Keith Power. There’s also a live version of a previously unreleased track ‘Dream of Home’ recorded at the Rebecca Cohn Theatre in Halifax, Nova Scotia. And, you’ll get the 1,2,3,4 remix with Ed Robertson from BNL and the wicked video for the same.

In other news, the Paperback and Audiobook versions of Where I Belong are available. So you can hear me reading me. Could be great or awful, depending on if you can stand to listen to my voice for 7 hours. All that stuff is available here.

Alright. Flight #1 awaits. SO LET’S GO