Canada postponement notice

April 28th, 2020

Hey All,

Looks like the concert green light won’t be on before the Summer. Let’s try this again when we can gather safely. Most tickets will be honoured for your chosen performance, so hang onto your tix and we’ll see you down the road. To check your specific date, check the MORE INFO section on the tour page.

Thanks for sticking with me and all the gang. It means the world to all of us.


US Postponement Notice

April 7th, 2020

Hey All.

As we all expected, it is just not safe to proceed with the US Tour at this time. Breaks my heart to see the shows pushed further down the road but we all know it is what we must do to stay safe. Just about all the concerts have been rescheduled and your tickets for your town will be honoured in your town when we get there in 2021. Please click the MORE INFO button on the tour page for all the latest ticketing info.

We tried, but could not fit a few of the shows into our new plan, but we will be adding a few new dates in the coming weeks.

I am so grateful to get messages saying that people will hold on to their tickets and join us when we can sing together safely. Means the world to me that you would stick with us through all this.

Much Love to ye All. Cheers from Newfoundland.


Canada Postponement Notice

March 17th, 2020

Hey All

In the interest of public health and ensuring a safe and fun concert environment for all, we are rescheduling the next leg of Canadian dates on the Rough Side Out Tour due to the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic.

I love concerts. I live for concerts. Everyone on the AD team from the musicians to the audio and lighting crew to the t-shirt sellers are all showbiz people. I speak for everyone on our tour buses and in our office that it is thrilling to put on a show and heartbreaking to have to postpone one. 8pm show night is the culmination of a day’s work for some of us, a week’s planning for some, and months and months of preparation and scheduling for others. The shows are sacred and we’ve done everything we can to save them.

We’d LOVE for you to still join us for a night out when our tour resumes. A lot of people are asking how they can help the music community during these troubled times. Here’s an idea that would be very helpful. If you have a ticket to the show in your chosen town, please come and enjoy a night out. If you just can’t make the rescheduled date, consider gifting it to someone or donating it to a local charity as an auction item. If you absolutely need a refund, we’ll see that it gets done one way or another, but please consider it a favour to your fav band or artist to do everything in your power to keep the sold tickets sold. Thank you for all that.

Please click the MORE INFO button on the tour page for all the latest ticketing info.

So the Ontario/Quebec shows have been rescheduled to:
May 26 London
May 27 Mississauga
June 21 Montreal
June 22 Ottawa
June 23 Kingston
June 24 Toronto (tix from April 3 will be honoured)
June 25 Toronto (tix from April 4 will be honoured)
June 26 Kitchener
June 28 Hamilton
June 29 Belleville

And the Atlantic Canadian shows have been rescheduled to:
October 5 Fredericton
October 6 Moncton
October 7 Saint John
October 8 Summerside
October 9 Halifax (tix from April 9 will be honoured)
October 10 Halifax (tix from April 10 will be honoured)

We tried, but could not fit the Quebec City show into the new plan. We will try to make it there at a future date.

In the mean time, Stay Safe Everyone.