Tell me I’m a loser
Cause I feel like one tonight
I’ve seen my share of bruises

And I lost my share of fights
I didn’t go down easy
But I went down nonetheless
In the morning won’t you please be
Up and gone like all the rest

What am I to do after all that we’ve been through?

There’s one thing that I ask
When I’m still on the floor make for the door and

Make it easy, make it fast 

If you made up your mind, don’t you waste our time
If you’re leaving, won’t you go

And if you’re gonna break my heart
Please don’t you break it slow
Oh, please don’t break it slow 

There will be no need to linger
Let’s be done with what must be done
Ah, please just pull the trigger

 And be gone with your smoking gun

I’ll ask for no forgiveness
I know you won’t beg for mine
The judge and jury all agree

We’re both guilty in this crime

So let the gavel fall 
The beauty of it all
Is cracked and can’t be fixed
Nobody wins 
Make the ending begin
Make it simple, make it quick 
Make it simple, make it quick.

In the morning light they’ll find me

A little broken, a little blue
But I’ll be okay, please don’t delay
Do what you gotta do

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