Stupid me I took a morning picture
To send to you 10,000 miles away
Yolky sun rising on the snowfield
I swore I wouldn’t think of you today

Frozen line takes me across the border
A hundred years of horses lead the way
Why do stubborn leaves turn forever colder
There’s nothing left to cling to anyway

I know you’ll break my heart again
Somewhere in the Northern Plains
Tired lovers left alone to lie
Far beyond the Golden Grain
An Emptiness I can’t explain
Hearts are always broken in the sky
As the Northern Plains go by

Holding on to ghosts will get you nowhere
You’ll burn forgetting quietly each day
I’ve never seen so far without an ocean
I’ve never longed for something more to say

I don’t know where the moments go
Or if Love can be replaced
And I don’t know why morning snow
Reminds me of your face

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