I’ve seen your kind before
Defender of the crown
You got your shades and swagger on
Every time you come around

You got your motives on your mind
Your worries far and few
A car crash or a carnival
Its all the same to you

You chase it like some holy grail
A fall from Grace never fails when

You Give me
Something I can use
I need
The Perfect Excuse
You’re an offer on the table I just can’t refuse
You’re all I need
You’re the Perfect Excuse

The ice beneath us is paper thin
I can hear it boom and crack
Take one more step on this greasy slope
And there’ll be no turning back

I’ll have no sober second thought
To stop what you’ve begun
There’s no saving me tonight
There’s no saving anyone

Push the button and start me up
Spin the wheel and try your luck

As my defenses run down
Arms twisted, hands bound
Till hook, line and sinker are all I can see
Doing your worst has got the best of me

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