So Let’s Go

Watching the sand fall
Gets you nothing
Like the hands on the clock wall
Oh I love it when you’re standing up so tall
And all you are is all aglow

Here we are in our own space
And I believe in
Every bright smile that I’ve faced
Keep’em coming
‘Cause I’m feeling the same way
Turn it on and off we go

We’ll run till we fall
And the closing bell’s calling
We’re only here for so long
We lead and we follow
Tonight till tomorrow
We go and we go till we’re gone
So Lets Go

The long road’s behind us
And we made it
To this bright night that finds us
All together
What has long been denied us
Could be ours to know

And I can see you moving
Let me hear it
When you whisper I’m losing
And I can feel it
When your heart beats the truth
And it’s the only thing I know

Appears on ‘So Let’s Go’ available in the store.
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