And so
That’s how
Stories like this usually start
Then Fast-Forward to a broken heart

Then a rainy day
And a memory of your smile
Takes me over and sets me back down
Tells me to stay true in all of this

You can’t un-ring a bell
You can’t un-tell a story
You can’t un-break a heart
I’m Sorry, I’m Sorry

If there’s a chance in hell
For a moments glory
I’d be so glad to tell you
I’m Sorry, I’m sorry

And So
I know
It seems as though our song is sung
It’s over now what’s done is done

But if it takes a while
Would you remain
Partial to a moment when
You and I might make amends

Can it come
The moment of
The falling down
The picking up
Of pieces we long to repair
Can the kindness of
Your strong heart make
A Harbour for a man’s mistakes
Till coast and horizon have cleared

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